Friday, April 12, 2013

Reading to Tumelo and Atlehang

I'm Here!

I arrived in South Africa on Tuesday, April 9 at 10AM.  I spent the several hours at a hotel connected to the airport until Brian & Lois could pick me up at 5PM. We arrived at Restoring Hope Village around 9PM.  Thankfully, I've been sleeping well since I arrived! 

Wednesday was pretty low-key. I spent the morning playing with a few of the kids who aren't in school yet. It's amazing how instantly loving and accepting  kids are. Children immediately want to be hugged and sit on your lap. They melt your heart. In the afternoon, I had orientation with Lois and Louie. They gave me a basic schedule of what my days will look like:

9-10:45AM: Preschool activities with children not yet in school
1-3PM: Schooling with Atlehang
4-5:30PM: Help kids with homework

Monday evening is Bible study with the teenage girls. Wednesday evening is Bible study with all the Village kids. Friday evening is youth group at church. At some point, I'll also be doing a small-group Bible study with the two house mothers.

All is subject to change, of course! :) 

On Monday (before I arrived), the Village got a new little girl. Atlehang is 9 years and 27 pounds. The staff here had been visiting her in the hospital for several weeks. Because she is ill and weak, she won't be going to school for now. I will be working with her every afternoon - reading, writing, math, etc.  Even after being here a few days, she's happier. Her smile is beautiful! I'm excited to get to know her better and see her progress! 

There are three girls here with me: Elise and Emily (here until May 25) and Jessica (here until December-ish).  I'm SO thankful to have fellow believers here; it's a blessing that the bond of Christ can unite otherwise strangers. 

Thanks for your prayers as I settle in.  I'm staying in the team housing for a few more days, then Jess & I will move into the Efficiency Flat until my house is completed.  I'm also hoping that Brian will give me driving lessons soon! :)

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